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  • Headboard

    Most hotels do not use full bedframe but just install headboard on the wall added with mattress. Headboard size is adjusted to the type and space of the room or headboard for double bed is made elongated so that the headboard also serves as an accessory wall.

  • TV Furniture

    Each hotel room is equipped with TV so that hotel guests can relax while watching favorite show on television. Although many hotels uses flat or LED TV installed to the wall, but TV remains one of the hotel room furniture that can not be left out in room decorating.

  • Luggage Rack

    Luggage rack serves to put a suitcase or luggage for easy to grasp. Luggage rack is usually made ​​of wood in sling and strap color combinations. Sometimes it also made ​​from wood which added with decorative iron or aluminum stripe on the top for more practical.

  • Nightstand

    Nightstand serve as a barrier between two matress for double bed or left-right side single bed. In addition to the hotel room furniture, guests can put small items on the nightstand such as phone or car keys nearby so easy to pick it up, its can be interactive with audio too.

  • Love Seat and Coffee Table

    Love seat is often used as an addition hotel room furniture. Basically, love seat is for 4-5 star hotel room furniture. Love seat can be subtituted with chair to complement dressing table due to limited space of the room. Can be place against the window & added with coffee table.

  • Wardrobe

    Usually, wardrobe in hotel room consists of hanging rod and hanger that has been installed in it so that hotel guests can easily hang their clothes. Wardrobe also consists of shelves for shirts storing and a space at the bottom for putting the slippers or shoes